Male Pattern Bald Laser Experience

By Tall Bald Guy

(updated 12-24-04- 4:30 PM)




I have been waxing and tweezing MPB for over three years, and realized I needed to make it permanent. My need to go bald is an age-old needed that must have started by seeing the other successful bald men in my family. I had to join them. With luck, the internet introduced me to Thomas Wiles and a few others with my same balding need. Tweezing totally MPB many times weakened my hair enough to try laser. I was ready! I had the joy of going with an internet friend who was being lasered for his third time. Man… He was so very handsome MPB… I had to join him! So… I made an appointment and my MPB friend joined me. It was finally winter, and I had been staying out of the sun wearing a hat all the time. My skin needed to be as fair as possible.


We both dressed-up, as this was such an important transformation for both of us. At the clinic, we were greeted by two wonderful laser specialists who were very understanding of our need. They sat me down in a rolling stool as I removed my sportcoat. They gave my friend a white, grease pencil. He started drawing a wonderful MPB pattern on my balding head. The hair is thinning in my MPB area already from the years of tweezing. He drew, erased and re-drew… I was so fortunate to be friends with a “Balding Perfectionist”! They put a white towel over my shoulders and gave us all special sunglasses. My friend was ready with a digital camera. With the pattern drawn, the specialist got to work. She drew new lines right down the middle of my head from front to back. She drew more lines from the left to the right of my MPB area. These are guidelines for the specialist to clear all the hair from my MPB area. She said to tell me if it hurt in any way as my friend focused the camera. She sprayed my head with a water and alcohol mixture to cool my head. There was no turning-back!


She was using a new machine that has two types of  “laser guns”. The two guns are for different skin types. Each gun has two chrome rods that touch my bald head. The rods are a guide for the red laser that is projected from the middle of the gun. The red light is a guide to ensure that all the area is covered. The specialist uses a foot button to “zap” the areas she separated with lines. Starting at the right side of my forehead, she started zapping. With each “zap” a lighting-bolt jumps from the gun to my scalp. At the second zap, I felt heat and pain. On the third, it got much worse. I said to “stop” which she did. I asked to lower the level of the laser, which she did. She continued across the front of my head with just a little pain. She sprayed me with the coolant, and I could smell the burning of my scalp hair just a little. I knew that I was finally going bald.  Again, she moved back with a new row on the crown of my head. This is the “bridge” area on top of my head where the hair dies-off last on many men. With luck, my friend was photographing every angle of my balding.



She moved from side to side zapping my hair, killing it off. It seemed like she just got stared, when she said “Almost done”. With a last spray of the coolant, she finished-up. I was bald! “That’s it” she said, as she used an alcohol wipe to remove the white lines and any residue. Everyone smiled and complimented our laser technician with a fast, painless job.



We returned to their front office and downloaded the photos on their computer. My MPB friend was a good computer-savvy guy, who created a CD of my experience. As he sat at their computer, I saw his excellent MPB fringe gleaming under the lights in the office. I knew I would look that good for the rest of my life. We all talked about how long it would take for me to see how bald I would be. “It will take about two to three weeks for your hair to fall-out. Just massage with a sponge or a ‘lufa” to encourage the hair to fall-out” my specialist said. I knew that I was going bald on schedule. They said that I would be able to return for more treatments every two weeks. I answered that I would take my time, and bald slowly and naturally. We all agreed that I would return to make my bald spot bigger, and lower my fringe. I want to become a Norwood Seven like the other men in my family. I wear business suits at work, and my goal is to look as good as Dr. Phil. I know now that it will happen! I will go bald!  I will report on my balding on this site as it happens. Thanks for listening! Your bald brother…Tall Bald Guy


I just took the attached photo of my MPB lasered head. I was zapped 12 days ago, and this is all that will grow. It is both scary and exciting. I am scared that everyone will notice how fast I went bald. I am excited that it is making me permanently bald. I really got my money's worth!


I spent the day wearing a ski cap today because of the rain. I have not shaved for two days, and my fringe is showing. I could feel some stubble on top and back of my head this morning. After a day of putting-on and taking-off my knit cap, I rubbed away the stubble in my lasered area. It has been 18 days since my laser. I really got my money's worth!

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