Tom Made Me Bald


I was surprised how smooth his head was as he opened the door to his big rig. It was really hot and windy when he parked his massive truck in the back of the motel we met at. Tom had a little sweat on his head as he grabbed my hand from his high seat in his mobile home away from home. His grey-brown beard blew in the wind as he stepped-down on the hot pavement.

Travel and road stories were exchanged as we went inside the motel to store his case of personal things. It was cool inside too. He brought his clothes, personal items, his laptop computer, and the Remington Epilator for me.

I was pleased at how nice he was… Not at all the gruff, buffed, tattooed guy I have been chatting with on the internet for a few years. We both started chatted about his laser treatments, before his discovery of tweezing. We had some history.  He was so interested in my balding needs too. He liked talking about baldness. We spoke about my balding needs. I need to become a male pattern bald man by 2005. I want to wear a full fringe of hair on the sides of my head, with a gleaming, smooth head on top! I especially want that great, round bald spot in the back. I knew that I was as obsessed as Tom about my balding need. I could also see that Tom was on a mission! Baldness!

            His eyebrows did not exist. His head was really smooth and hair-free, except for his long beard. The beard was “out of control” by my standards. He said he was letting it grow, as he no longer works where he has to conform to his boss’s dress standards.  His grey and brown beard accentuating his smooth head and blue eyes. His deep set smiling eyes always kind of sparkled. 

            We set-up portable lighting and cameras to record our balding session. We wanted to teach others about balding on Tom’s new web site at Tom plugged-in his computer and got ready to transfer the photos we were about to take. He also logged onto the Internet, and checked messages on his e-mail. I brought a tripod and two portable lights. Tom also wanted me to photograph his tattoos for the first time. I take a lot of photos, so I offered my services. I brought my digital camera and extra recording chips. Tom brought his camera too. We had all the gear, and we were ready!

We set-up the bathroom vanity for the balding session. I brought-out my hand-held mirrors, scissors, hand tweezers, Norwood balding charts, and UPS packing tape. I even showed Tom my mug from the “Bald-Headed Men of America”. I want to join that group someday as a bald man. Tom brought-out his Remington Epilator, the one he writes about so often on his site.  We were talking about his trip out West, weather and photos along the road as we adjusted the lighting and the tools in the vanity of the bathroom. Then, Tom said…”Well, let’s get started”. It hit me that I was in the same room with the world’s most obsessed bald man on the planet, and I was taking a seat in front of him armed with a Remington tweezing devise. Yes, I was a little nervous. I took a seat.

“So… How bald are we going today”? Tom asked. I answered, “Well… I have removed my hair on my forehead to look like my younger cousins, like many men in my family. I also want to start thinning-out my bald spot in the back.  I have been working on my bald spot by hand tweezing for two years or more, but it keeps growing back”. I thought that maybe the Remington could make it thinner. “Let’s do it” said Tom as he grabbed for the packing tape. He said “grab the scissors and help me cut a strip of tape”, and I complied. He ripped about six inches of tape from the roll and held it in front of my face to cut. I did it and he put the strip on the left side of my forehead.  He repeated the ripping, holding the tape in front of my face again, and I cut it. He slowly placed the new tape very close to the first tape leaving a very small line of five-day growth hair on my head running front to back. He said… “Now, we’re ready”! He grabbed for his camera and started taking the “before” photos. He was excited to finally photograph the packing tape method that he has been describing hundreds of times on the web. We viewed the shots, and adjusted the lighting. The setting was now right for some balding.

Tom reached for the Remington, turned it on, and started tweezing the hair sprouting between the two strips of packing tape above my left eyebrow at my hairline. The machine was kind of loud as he moved from the front of my head to the back. Since I had tweezed or waxed this area bald at least three times, it did not hurt much at all. He slowly moved back cleaning all the hair from the taped area. He kept asking if it hurt, but I only felt little pricks of pain that stopped immediately. The hairs began flying out of the machine as he brushed them away from his work area. He went back about five inches, and then stopped to empty the epilator. My head is very large, so five inches is not as big as you may think. I am a size 7 7/8.   He brushed my hair from the device showing me the white bulbs at the base of the hairs. The bulbs show that he is grabbing the hair at its base. This is very good! I was finally going bald!

He grabbed the right strip of tape, pulled it loose, and then moved it about a quarter inch to the right. This made the balding area wider. Half of the exposed area had already been made bald… so he started a new strip. Again, he moved very slowly making sure that each area was slick-bald after he was done. He stopped again to take photos for his new tweezing web site. He said that he really needed to show others how to remove hair easily. I was just glad to be his subject and to go bald!

Tom worked very diligently, and kept moving the tape, bit by bit. Eventually, the tape started to fray. So, we put two tapes on top of each other, making it stronger. I noticed that any pain was very centered in a very small area. It hurt more as Tom got to the back of the tapped area. That is where my hair is much thicker. He moved very slowly, to eliminate the pain. The hairs toward the back of my head had the thickest white bulbs on the end of each shaft. This is in front of the “bridge” area of my head which is the last to go when balding men go finally smooth. It is the “bridge” between the bald spot in the back and the bald area in the front. I was glad to see the hair go.

Eventually, Tom said… Well, there you are, bald in front. I looked in the mirror and felt my glassy smooth forehead. There was no hair at all above my eyebrows going back to the middle of my ears on top. Tom had made a nice, gradual transition on the sides so the hair blended with my side fringe.  I was finally going bald!

“So… You want to work on your bald spot now”? asked Tom. “Go for it” I answered. Tom picked-up the packing tape, and pulled another six-inch strip holding it in front of my face saying “We are going to have to create a circle” he said. I took the tape as Tom cut another strip, and we placed each tape together so one side was sticky and the top was smooth. I then cut a neat half circle in the tape, and Tom positioned it on the back of my head at my “crown”. He took another strip, repeated the process, and completed the circle in back of my head. We then took photos, then, we started tweezing. I got to tweeze my own head this time. Tom worked on me too.

Tom tried some thinning with the epilator by running it over the tops of the hairs grabbing randomly. This was a lot more painful, as those hairs are a lot thicker on my head. Tom was gentle, and stopped after every pass with machine.  I had no problem with the pain, as I really wanted to have a nice bald spot in the back. I want that spot more than anything… just like my brother, dad and uncles. The men in my family have that perfectly round bald spot in the back which eventually joins their smooth forehead leaving a hairy fringe on the sides.

Tom thinned the taped area, and then stopped to take photos. He then removed the tape, showing a wonderfully thin area. I loved it! Tom said…” I am going to blend this area with your fringe”. He took the epilator and moved quickly away from the center of the bald spot grabbing the hairs around the spot. These hairs were even more painful, and contained thick, white bulbs on each of them. With each white bulb, I was even more motivated with Tom’s talents. I could see this bald obsessed man doing his work on many people in the years to come. He was refining his techniques, and I was glad to be his subject. Eventually… I looked very “balding”.

As we were taking photos, I asked Tom if he was as hungry as I was… and he said “Yes”.  We both needed a break. We visited a great restaurant on a mountain above the freeway. Tom took some shots from the restaurant that he posted. During dinner, Tom and I spoke about bald obsessions. We both agreed that we are obsessed with going bald. That is what you have to be to try this. It was also wonderful to talk to another man, face-to-face saying “I really need to go bald”. It was like going to therapy with a man who REALLY knows what you are thinking!

After dinner, we took some nighttime photos of the sunset and the city lights, and then returned to the motel. I was a lot more relaxed after dinner, after talking to Tom about our mutual needs. Tom asked that I take photos of his tattoos, and I was happy to oblige. I moved my lighting to an area of the room where the background was open. The photos we took are on Tom’s new tweezing web site. I do not know a lot about tattoos, but I was impressed with Tom’s body art. As I said, I was most impressed with his bald head. I wanted to be that smooth on top and back someday.

After I finished photographing Tom, I asked if he could make me a little balder. He said “sure, that is why I am here… Right?” So, we returned to the vanity and mirror and the epilator. We moved the lighting and tripod too. “Move my hairline back a little more” I said as Tom ripped some more tape from his roll. He again placed it on the left side of my head at my hairline. Another tape was placed right on top of it to strengthen the process. Another strip was placed next to it with another on top. Tom had this process down! He was moving a lot faster, as he was into a balding rhythm.

He switched-on the epilator, and put it on my “bridge”. The grinding sound of the epilator rang in my ears as Tom dove into my hair. It hurt a lot more than before, but Tom worked very slowly. He only worked on a very small area, numbing-out that area with the focused pain. This allowed me time to experience the pain in a very small area. I am also very lucky that I have a very high pain level. I meditate often and have learned how to distance myself from painful experiences. Tom also kept asking how I felt, ensuring that I could control his work at all times. I felt secure.

He continued to tweeze and tweeze further and further back as we focused on the dream of finally being the male pattern bald man I was born to be. With each pass of the machine, I went balder and balder. That is what I focused on as Tom continued to remove my hair. It got very, very painful, and I told Tom to “stop”. I was breathing hard, looking at the Norwood balding charts, finally realizing my dream of becoming a male pattern bald man… and I said to stop. Am I nuts? No… I just needed to take a break and see what Tom was doing. I took my mirror, and held it up to see what Tom was doing. What I saw was scary, amazing and wonderful!!!

Tom had created a clean, bald line from the top of my ears back about four inches into my bald spot area on the left side of my male pattern bald area. This is about four inches above my left ear. . . I said “Man… What are you doing”? “I thought you were just going to move my hairline back”. This is so painful. I like what you are doing, but I am not sure what we are going to do with this line on the side of my head”. Tom was cleaning the hair from his Remington epilator, as he reminded me that I came here to remove some hair. He took a drag from his cigar, blew some smoke from his nostrils and mouth, and looked at me very sincerely. Tom touched my clean, bald line, which was only about a fourth of an inch wide. He pulled-up the tape and moved it to the right, saying “I’m going to clean you up here (rubbing the top of my head) and back, as he rubbed my bald spot area”.   

He was serious. “Cleaning-up” was his word for making me bald! He was neither forceful nor pushy… Just “matter of fact”.  My mind raced as I thought about how my family and friends would notice this bald strip on the left side of my head. Would they gasp at my newly bald strip... or should I try to widen my balding area to make it look more natural? What I kept reminding myself is that I can shave very smoothly and look very bald with my Mach III. I had to take a leap of faith, that my surrounding support group would not be aghast with my decision to go bald… Just as long as I did it gradually… That was what I was thinking…

I took a short walk outside in the hot, dry, August air looking at the stars and the moon above the mountains. I had to make a decision. I was also so very excited and stimulated at this point… I needed to relieve myself. I admit that balding is very erotic to me.  I went back to the hotel room, passed Tom on his computer, and entered the bathroom. I closed the door, and sat in the dark alone.  I thought about my pending balding, and satisfied my urge. 

When I was done, I was a lot more relaxed. I opened the door, and washed my hands in the vanity sink. I walked back to Tom on his computer and said “Let’s go… Make me a male pattern bald man tonight”. I knew I was taking a chance at going totally MPB all at once… I had wanted this for over 20 years or more, and I knew that I would only be with Tom for a few hours. This was my chance to “go bald” by the most obsessed bald man on the planet. I could not miss this opportunity! “Do it” I said. “I want to go bald now!”

Sitting in the motel chair, in front of the mirror, I looked at my hair on top for the last time. Tom pulled-up the right side of the packing tape, and moved it to the right. I meditated and brought myself to a deeper place of baldness. The Remington roared, and I went balder. Tom made me balder, and balder, as the thick hairs flew all over the place. He kept brushing the hairs with the white bulbs away from my head. We even saved some of them brushing a bunch together on the counter in a pile. I was glad to see the pile grow with each swath of balding. I meditated and dreamed…

As a child, I made bets with kids that they could pinch me as hard as they wanted, and I would not finch. I was a big, healthy kid, so kids could not hurt me much. As they pinched me, I always dreamed of eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I focused on the moist turkey and the perfect taste I enjoyed every year. As my hair flew above the epilator… I was at the dinner table enjoying a feast. The focus of this meditation was being with all my bald relatives present and departed. My Uncles Frank and John sat with me eating a great meal. Uncle Paul was across from me giving advice, as he always did. I was finally bald, like them, in my meditation….

I was in another place as Tom nudged me saying…. “Take a look”! Where was I? Where did I go?”… Tom showed me my head in the mirror…. Oh, yes… I went BALD! That’s where I went!!!! My right hand touched my bald head in the back as I held the mirror with my left. Tom had done a great job of creating a nice, round bald spot in the back joining the smooth top and front. Now, I am male pattern bald and I love it! Man… I want to be like this forever! Tom grinned as he took a long drag from his stubby cigar! He was glad to bring another man into baldness!