I was truly fascinated and delighted by finding your website. I really thought I was the only one who had thoughts of wanting to be bald. Myself, I never believing anyone would want to be bald is my cover story. I do play it up, that I am going bald, that it's a horrible tragic thing. However the funny thing about that is, that cover story is backfiring on me!

I am getting more support about this and am perplexed by that. Nobody seems to care,  or they say you  look good bald. One friend of mine saw me and the first thing out of his mouth was (welcome to the club), I was truly afraid of what people would think if I ever told anybody that I loved baldness.   Have I been stuck under a rock somewhere? It seems there is a common Bond here among men who are bald.  I'm very Confused and  I am having the best time of my life.

My story is not out of oppression.   The photo below of the gentleman with the grey eyes is a picture of a friend named Frank. He truly is  a beautiful man, from his bald head to a great personality! I guess all my life I wanted to be just like Frank.  When I was growing up,  I was fascinated by his looks as a kid. Particularly his bald head I could not stop staring at it.  His head looked so good! I had trouble writing that because it still feels strange never writing that.  I have been able to achieve a Mustache  nearly like his, and as of recently,  I've also carried out my male pattern baldness with the help of a tria laser in his image.  Franks MPB  pattern is my inspiration. Although the tuft atop his head I was unable to achieve without anyone knowing what I was doing.  so I went all the way .  I had an opportunity to shave my head completely and in that time I carried out my little procedure.  Franks picture attached  was taken in 1992 by myself,  and today he is completely bald, he shaves it on the sides.   Without question also  my uncle who is also bald,  I believe has a fascination with bald men as well,  or at least likes it alot.

After doing this (going bald) to myself I am a true believer that there are many many other man who believe what we believe.

The other pictures are of myself with a cigar. Another thing I love!

However that's a whole another story.  I started by plucking my hair and using liquid hair remover in 2012.  I tried to carry out this procedure and failed as most of my hair grew back.  Rather embarrassing when it grew back but fortunately not very strong. Over the years I have continued to pluck it  and keep it thin on top.  I used   bent needle nose pliers to rip it from my head, Very painful in the beginning it wasn't so bad later. I would find myself driving down the road yanking at the hair wishing it would just go and wondering if I should go see a Head shrink at the same time.  I am drawn to the conclusion and the Lyrics from (Depeche Mode song -  (Clean)   (The cleanest I've been, an end to the tears and in between years and the troubles I've seen, now that I'm clean, you know what I mean, Ive Broken my fall put and end to it all I've changed my routine now that I'm clean)

Seems to be my new theme song!

I have attached  photos of me before and after.  I have a place in the back of my head how it is now.  After I bravely purchased a Tria Laser.  I was very  scared at first, but as I became braver I became anxious to remove it.  Shaved my whole head and hit it with the male pattern baldness shape. However even after lasering this seven times and using carbon gel, I still have a place in the back of my head that if I placed a bomb squarely on it the  hair would grow back right away,  I've hit it with the laser so many times that it blistered you can still see the laser burns, and it will not die. I figure though a lot of guys who go bald naturally have a very uneven place to theirs where it doesn't fall in  a  typical pattern.  I was behind a man yesterday like that.   But I think I may go to a professional to have it finished.

All of this has Meshed well  with a love of hats too,  good thing , I noticed my head is getting cold at night as fall is now upon us and getting cooler.