If you can't find anyone, try this: The rotary tweezers will start
to remove very short hairs. My Remington would start to get a few
only a few hours after a smooth shave. So here's the trick:
Shave your head smooth. Wait until you start to feel a bit of
stubble, (4,5 hours. Get out the tweezers and give it a try. You
will only get a few hairs, but that's the secret! You are thinning
it out and with so few, there is no pain. Go away for a couple of
hours and have another go. The hairs will be a tad longer and the
tweezers will grab a few more. If you wait too long and the hairs
get too long and a lot are being grabbed, then shave your head and
start round again.

I am totally bald now, having never done a whole, painful tweezing.
Just kept thinning it out. (Finally finished it off with a wax job,
but the same way. Did it after 4 days and got about half. Re-waxed a
few days later and got the rest. No big deal)