All of these emails have been previously answered.

From Mario:

please of all let me thank you for your post on internet its was very helpful but now im looking for a device the epilator, on my country i dont have to many options i live in colombia, so i ould like you to help me in order of your expirience ok, im sending you the 2 links on ebay on my country so tell me ich one to buy bouth of them are cordel model ok.

this is the reminton, (but a new model i think)

and the second one also convince me but its phillips check out

i ould like the philips i dont knowwhy i thinks its because i can see the sistem the other i dont.

hey big bro thanks 4 sharing your idea its really good, plus no body tells you do this if it works for me i will make a blog on spanish ok, of course i will put your page like my inspirational one hahaha bless take care men, plus awesome tattoos (Y)

From Michael

Hi Tom,
I found your website while I was searching a way to wax my head. Maybe, you can give me some Support with this. Iíve startet waxing - and it is hell. Now I have a hairless spot in the middle of my forehead, and a small spot in the right side. But it hurts like hell. Iíve startet with a small stripe, but at Moment I canít see that the work will finished soon.
What is the best way? What do you think? Should I just try a Little bit every day? Or would you recommend, to do it on Holiday and save a lot of days for this?

From Jonathan:

Hi Tom,
Been looking at your website and love what I see.
I am 43 years old and I want to be totally bald. I am sick of having to shave my head every couple of days as I am cursed with a full head of dark hair.
I live in Liverpool, England, and was wondering if you know of anyone here who waxes or tweezes men's heads. I know I'll never be completely happy until this is done, even though I can't explain why I want this so much.
Hope you can help.

From Drew:

Hi Tom-  I found an entry on the Buzzlife site that connected me with your site and covers my interests in a way I've not come upon before on the Internet.  Congratulations for getting your page so well set up!   I've long been excited by hair issues that, like you write, arose around anxiety when I was young and grew into a compulsion.  I go between letting my hair grow long, feathery, and feminine or having an extreme short cut, either a very boxy flattop or shaved shiny.  Right now, I have a long 1970's David Cassidy-like shag that's layered down my back but after reading about how you worked with Al, I became excited and want to give tweezing a try.  I'd like to finally get things in place for living in a traveling salesman-type look, shiny bald on top with unkempt longer fringe on the sides, black thick-framed glasses, and business suit with white socks and black shoes.  Move over Dr. Phil!  I'm also considering taking off my eyebrows after seeing your videos.  I read your explanation on how to first start tweezing and I'm going start with leaving my shag long but receding into my temples and picking out shafts in the spot at the back of my crown. Can you suggest how long a framework you recommend for going from rocker hair to something that reads MPB from a distance?  I'm in NY and am wondering if you might also be in the area and perhaps interested in also helping me through this transformation.  Thanks for your advice-   Drew

From Mike:

Hi Tom,
My name is mike, im 49 with aa full head of hair. I have been wanting to do this
for a while and your site helped me make the decision to go forward with full norwood
7 MPB. Do you know anyone in NYC that can assist me.

From Bret:

How do you wax a line that is not straight? is that possible? Bret in Dallas...

From Michael:

Hello Tom -

        I am fascinated by your site and story - I have a similar obsession. Is this something you share with others by doing it to them?

From Richard:

I am one of those guys with slight hair loss but wants a perfect horseshoe MPB. Any info you can give me.The Dr. Phil look is perfect

From Wil:

Hi there,

Im from Holland and I'll try to write this mail in Englisch. Sorry for the mistakes I will make!

I visit youre site 'by accident', to say the truth, i was looking for information about headwaxing. 

Al the time of my life i want to be bald and is was amazing to read about you! Tweezing is, i think, not the way i want to go bald. Is er a way to wax my head in some sessions? I like to be bald en i want to get there 'natural'. 

How long does it take to grow back for hair? It is important to know because that is the time the frequentie I have to use wax.

How often do people get ingrown hair?

Like to hear from you!
kind regard,


From Joe:

Hi Tom,

I have recently visited your site, scalp and was excited to come across such enthusiasm, support and guidance for individuals seeking to achieve true mpb!

After my visit to your site, I am as motivated, as ever, to make the journey to becoming a slick mpb man, myself. However, as a 48 year old male with a full head of hair, and showing no signs of hair loss, I have some questions on how to achieve this in a way that looks convincingly natural. I do have my own personal strategy in which I will reveal to you in hopes of getting some constructive feedback but, first, I'd to ask a few questions, if I may.

1, I currently have a full head of hair. How much time should I give myself to achieve the desired result, a #6 on the Norwood.

2. Is it unusual for a guy my age to suddenly experience hair loss? I've heard that if your not going bald by 35, you're not going to go bald. The answer to this won't inhibit my decision - just more of a curiosity for me.

3. I imagine that tweezing around the perimeter of the hairline will produce unsightly regrowth/stubble. How does one deal with that - do people notice? Is there a way to keep that in check?

4. How many times will I need to tweeze a hair to terminate regrowth from that particular follicle? Or, do they always come back? Maybe just finer?

If you could answer any of these questions when you have some time, I'd really appreciate the help!

In terms if my personal strategy, about a year and a half ago, I had my barber begin styling my hair into a traditional combover. I have him use a zero on the sides and back. He goes all the way up to my side part, which is on the right, and then up the back to the crown. The hair off the part is a good 8" in length and I like to slick it over top. I've kept the length on the other side short so this is an asymmetrical cut.

Anyhow, everyone is very used to the look and I feel that if I begin to thin out the hair underneath the combover, it would probably  just be viewed as  a natural occurrence, at this point.

After a while, when it becomes clear to everyone that my hair has become very thin under the combover, I wouldn't be surprised if a friend or family member suggests that I just shave it off. And, at that point, I'd begin finishing off the job with your epilator technique, and really hit the road to becoming a mpb man!

Tom, you are clearly the expert in this type of venture. If you have any words of wisdom and further guidance to offer, I will be so appreciative. I plan on documenting and will be happy to share, if you are interested.

Looking forward to your feedback!


From Alessio:

hi i wanted to know if there was anyone that could assist me with going mpb? like do u know any guys in italy?