Full Scalp Waxing With Audio & Photos 11/26/2005

MP3 Audio Clip -- 53:47 -- Click To Play

I have been tweezing my entire scalp continuously for several years, which has severely damaged the hair follicles. I decided that full scalp waxing would likely be something interesting to try at this point, since it would be easy for me to do by feel in areas I couldn't see directly such as the back of my head and neck.

WARNING: If you have never tweezed or waxed your scalp before, DO NOT attempt to duplicate my waxing experience right away. If you were to put as much wax on a scalp full of thick hair as I do on my scalp full of very thin, tweezing-damaged hair, you would likely pull your scalp off in an attempt to get the wax back off. Thick hair should be waxed and/or tweezed off in very narrow strips as described in the How to Wax section of this website. With that warning out of the way, here's the story.

I bought an inexpensive crock pot at my local Wal-mart store.

I heated water in a pan on the stove and poured it into the crock pot, turning it on at that point with a Corelle cereal bowl sitting in the water to melt the bar of Zip Wax in.

Here is a shot I took with wax applied to my scalp. It's best to get it on as thick and even as possible, but this isn't always easy when you are doing it by yourself. This was taken early on in the waxing process so you can still see hairs coming out of my scalp, especially on the 8-ball tattoo behind my left ear.

Here's another shot of the wax applied to the back of my scalp.

From another angle. You can see the tattoo on the back of my head showing through where the wax was thinner.

And yet another angle. The tattoo shows through the thinner areas of wax.

From the left side. Again the tattoo is showing through.

You can see how thick the wax is in certain areas. The thicker the better.

This was taken after I decided I was done waxing for the evening. You can see a few stray hairs here and there but overall the wax did a pretty good job of taking out all the hairs.

With my head turned more towards the right.

From the front left.

From the front right.

From the right rear.

Another one from the right rear.

From the left side.

Another shot from the left rear.

There's nothing like the feel of having a completely smooth, absolutely hair and/or stubble free scalp. It's absolutely worth the effort. I'll likely be re-waxing at least once a month, and tweezing once during the middle of the month.