I first shaved my head when I was around 25 years old, back around 1980. Of course I'd been obsessed with the idea since I was around 13 years old.

Used to be in the backs of comic books they would have mail-order ads for "novelty" items such as latex bald wigs. When I was around 18 I ordered one. I would wear it and masturbate. My Mom caught me wearing it a couple of times, and needless to say she didn't like it. In 1984 I was still living with my parents in a mobile home that got destroyed in a Kansas tornado. Most of my possessions survived the storm, but I could never find the bald wig after that. Though my Mom denied it, I've always felt that she found it while we were digging through our possessions and threw it away.

I shaved my head on and off for a number of years after that. I would shave my head, and then feel guilty a few days afterwards. It was hell to go through, especially in the 1980's, since shaved heads were so rare. I wanted a permanent "solution" to the problem even then.

I first heard about laser hair removal sometime in 1998. I became obsessed with the idea of having my scalp hair removed. I found a local clinic that would do it. I went in for three separate treatments. Looking back, that was a disaster. After the first treatment I felt a level of guilt that was unbelievable.

The laser treatments were only partially effective. My scalp was left with a weird, somewhat unnatural 5 o'clock shadow pattern. Every time I looked in the mirror I was reminded all over again of the guilt of what I'd done. I went through a living Hell.

Since then I've had contact with a few other people who have been obsessively driven to have laser treatments performed on their scalp. In every case they admit to me that they felt guilty afterwards.

To anyone who is considering laser hair removal treatments on their scalp, I always warn them not to go through with it. They are likely to feel varying levels of guilt afterwards. Laser hair removal on the scalp is a dangerous, expensive and ineffective procedure.

Tweezing is a much better solution. I began tweezing in early January of 2001, and there's been absolutely NO guilt from it whatsoever. It's really a guilt-free solution, at least in my own case. The results with tweezing are instant and excellent.

If you have the obsession to be bald like I have, heed my advice. If you feel you must get rid of your hair, then tweezing is a far better alternative.