How To Get Started


Tweezing is my personal preferred method for removing hair. I'm assuming that you have a Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator or other brand of electric tweezers. You should allow yourself plenty of time, such as over a weekend to accomplish the task, also depending on how much hair you are removing. You should allow at least 5 days' worth of hair growth for effective tweezing.

It's not necessary to apply much pressure to the tweezers as you are tweezing. Let the tweezers do all of the work. Be especially careful around the tops of where the ears join the scalp, and around the "bony" areas behind and below the ears.

1. Cut off a strip of wide plastic packing tape. Place it on your scalp in a vertical strip. If you are starting at the front of your head, place it so that the first strip of hair you are going to tweeze will be right in the front center where the "widow's peak" would be located.

2. Cut off a second identical strip of tape. Place it on your scalp parallel to the first piece of tape, leaving no more than about a quarter of an inch parallel gap between the two pieces of tape.

The initial strips of hair tweezed out.

3. Switch on the tweezers and start tweezing out the exposed strip of hair. Keep the tweezers to a very small area -- the body has a remarkable ability to quickly "numb out" small areas of intense pain.

4. Once the first strip of hair is out, move one of the pieces of tape over to expose another 1/4 inch strip of hair.

5. Tweeze out the second strip of hair.

6. Continue moving the tape, tweezing out more and more strips of hair.

7. Repeat this process until you've got all the hair out that you want out.

Before Electric Tweezing

After Electric Tweezing