MPB Tweezing Advice

by trapperg

In order to go from a full head of hair to MPB, it is very important to make the progression look natural. If you can look at a Norwood chart, you can see that the process is gradual and not an all-at-once sort of thing. Many first time tweezers or waxers will get too enthusiastic and tweeze out too much at once. Restraint is a key word here. Resist your desires to pull it all out and have a smooth scalp or big recession in your hairline. Also, avoid making perfectly straight lines. That is not how itís done in nature and will therefore appear very artificial. This is especially important for those people who are trying to convince their friends and loved ones that they are balding naturally.

Now that Iíve impressed upon you the importance of taking it slow, letís go ahead and make you bald! The process works best with buzzed hair but any length can do, as well, although as you get balder youíll probably want to buzz your hair to make tweezing easier. First is to plan your assault. If you have any naturally thin areas, start there, otherwise, start with the bald spot. You may want to begin pushing back your hairline at the same time. Again, look at the Norwood chart and note the progression. Bald spot widens as hairline pushes back until they finally meet.

Hereís the important part: donít tweeze yourself bald! In the beginning, start very slow, like maybe 50-75 hairs a week. At this stage, you should hand tweeze only. Using an epilator will pull out too many hairs too close together. Starting at the bald spot, mentally mark out an area about 2-3 inches around and begin pulling hairs at random within that area. Make sure you donít pull too many! You can also pull about 50 hairs from the front hairline. Make sure you donít end up with a straight line! Nature abhors straight hairlines! Work on the temples first, more than the front, but if you have a widowís peak, try to get rid of that a little more quickly.

As the bald spot area begins to look thinner, you can then make the size of it bigger until eventually it gets as big as you want. At this time you should also start thinning the top a little, too. Over about a year or so, you should be able to create a very nice MPB for yourself. Once you are pretty thin, then you can use the epilator to maintain your smoothness on top. Remember, this method requires patience and restraint.

As for shape of the fringe, they are usually not perfectly round. Some are almost square, while others are almost pointed. If you observe other bald men, as I do on a regular basis, (and Iím sure you do too!) you can see these differences. You can also see the progression from full head of hair to complete MPB. One last note: in my observations, I have noted that the lowest the hairless part of the head will naturally go is a line with the top of the ears. The highest the lower hairline will go is a line with the middle of the ears.