The Tools You Will Need

The tweezing tools you will need are the following:

An Electric Epilator. There are several brands of electric epilators/tweezers. The most effective unit currently available is the Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator. It's available in several online stores as well as eBay. Search eBay for the keywords "Remington Epilator" and you should find some for sale. Other brands of Epilators include Braun, Philips/Norelco and Emjoli, plus there are probably others.

Wide Plastic Packing Tape. You will need a single roll of wide plastic packing tape. Although it doesn't matter whether the tape is a solid color or clear plastic, if you plan on taking pictures solid color plastic packing tape is best. Duct tape will NOT work for this purpose, so don't even try it -- the duct tape fibers will easily get caught in the epilator's rotating tweezers.

Mirrors. You will need a wall mirror as well as a small hand mirror.

Other Items. If you plan on tweezing out your entire scalp, this is really all you need for a do-it-yourself operation.. If you plan on tweezing for male-pattern-baldness (MPB) then you will likely have to have someone around who can help you determine the correct pattern and level of baldness you wish to achieve.