Retweezing Videos

These files are listed in order from the largest file size to the smallest. The larger files have the best quality video and audio, while the smallest ones lack quality. Once the page loads, mouse over only the video you wish to play. Once you've clicked on a link it will open in a new page. You must wait for the video to load completely before it will play.

Tweezing F.A.Q. Video in Windows Media ASX Format  
Tweezing F.A.Q. Video Small Version  
100kbps Windows Media WMV File Electric Tweezer Footage  
100kbps Retweezing Video WMV File  
Retweezing WMV Smaller File  
Retweezing WMV Very Small File For 28-56k Modem  







Tweezing MPB Higher Quality Version Windows Media

Tweezing MPB Lower Quality Version Windows Media