1.  You can wax your hair alone. It is also much better to have a partner help you. It is good to have some fingernails on your hands that are not really short.

2. Buy one container of Zip Wax at Walgreen's Drug Store. It is a hard, brown, block of resin-like material scored into eight sections. A wooden application stick is included.

3. Put about two sections of wax in a metal or sturdy small bowl. Place that bowl in a pool of water in your crock-pot. The water is like a double boiler where water heats the contents in the upper pot. Heat on "high" until wax is liquid. Reduce to warm.  You can also heat wax on your stove. (The wax will melt while you do the following...)

4. Wash your hair and scalp. Buzz your hair to about 1/4" inch. If your hair is very short, it will also probably work fine. You can experiment, just as long as the wax has enough hair to grab onto. Wax can grab very short hair or fuzz.

5. Test the wax with your finger. If it does not feel too hot, but it is hot enough to keep it liquid, you are ready to go bald.

6. Dip a small amount of wax and put it in a small part of your hair at your temples above your eyebrows. That is the receding area above your eyes, on both sides of your forehead. The first test should only be as wide as an eraser head, but not bigger than a dime.

7. Let the wax cool, until it is very hard ... As hard as when you started ... Compare it to the wax still in the Zip Wax box. It is good to put ice on the wax on your head, That will make it brittle and easy to pull. Ice also helps numb your skin a little.

8. With your fingernail, tweezers, or any other device, get a hold of the wax from below, at the base of your skin.

9. You need to pull this patch of wax very quickly. You will figure-out how to do it. Fingernails work really well. Pull the wax off your head in the opposite direction of your hair growth. As you are doing your widow's peak ... pull the wax to the back of your head.

10. You should experience a little pain, because you will do this very quickly. The spot of wax needs to be small, to eliminate a lot of pain.

11. Examine the wax you have pulled... The hairs should be longer that the remaining hairs on your head. That is because you have pulled the hairs from deep inside your head going to the shaft. You will know that you have gone to the shaft, because there will be a white Bulb at the end of your hairs pulled from your head.

12. You should examine the area you just waxed. It should be perfectly bald! Use handheld mirror, and enjoy!

13. Dip some more wax from your crock-pot, and apply it to your head in another area next to your newly bald area.

14. I liked starting with my temples moving my hair back, just to see how good it looked. You can also work on your bald spot in the back on your crown. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you want to. It is all up to you. You are in charge of your own balding... Do it your own way!

15. Turn-off the crock-pot and save the unused, melted wax. You can reuse it in the same small bowl. If you want to clean the bowl, just chip-out the wax.

16. Before trying to wax or epilate, try using some small hand tweezers. Thin your temples just a bit to see how it feels. You could tweeze your entire head with hand tweezers. It would be less painful, and take a lot more time. This is the method we men use to gradually go bald over years. This method does look exactly like natural balding.