Why Tweeze or Wax?

There are many guys who, given the choice, would rather be bald. It's a simple fact. There are many men with natural male-pattern-baldness who also like the freedom of being bald and want to eliminate the 5 o'clock shadow or want to eliminate the necessity of the daily shave. There are other men who want the badge of male-pattern-baldness but are cursed with a full head of hair.

Modern society has long frowned on bald heads, mainly I think because of the wig and toupee industries and their relentless advertising push to create customers. Their philosophy and push has been (and continues to be) to make men feel emotionally upset about naturally-occuring baldness to the point where many of them will fork over big bucks for hair "units" as the industry calls them. Here's a marketing secret: if you can get people to feel emotionally insecure to the point where you can sell them something, they will pay huge sums of money for it. Emotions and their manipulation are always the greatest selling tools. Make a person emotional enough and you can sell him or her just about anything. Of course it's a despicable practice, but that's how really successful salesmanship is practiced.

Personally, I'm obsessed with baldness -- I have been since I was a kid. I am one of the most baldness-obsessed people you could ever hope to meet. Regardless of styles or how baldness is perceived by the general population, I will be bald, period.

Starting a few years ago baldness began to emerge as an acceptable "alternative" hairstyle. These days there are tons of completely bald men running around everywhere. This, in spite of the fake hair industry's continued pushing of baldness remedies. It's time for those of us who want to be bald to emerge from out of our "closet" and be as bald as we want to be.

For those like me who are truly obsessed with being bald, shaving is a poor simulation for the real thing. Tweezing is a way to instantly achieve REAL baldness. Baldness is simply the absence of hair. For the first time it's possible to be literally as bald as you want to be. Tweezing out thick hair the first time is a very painful process, but once it's tweezed out completely, keeping the sparse re-growing hairs tweezed out isn't painful at all for most people, merely a bit uncomfortable. I've been tweezing since January 7, 2001 and at this point I only have to re-tweeze sparse regrowth about every 9 days. Over time the process of re-tweezing becomes less and less uncomfortable. I am no longer tied to the daily drudgery of having to shave in order to simulate baldness. I simply re-tweeze every 9 days or so in order to maintain a complete absence of hair. Another benefit of tweezing is that it virtually eliminates any trace of a 5 o'clock shadow that plagues most people who shave their heads.

In short, tweezing is the best thing I've found to satisfy my obsession to be bald.